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Text Box: Custom Solution Works designs and manufacturers custom and off-the-shelf electronic controllers and wiring adapters for jail and prison security systems.  The company has over 11 years experience in the correctional security manufacturing field.
CELL DOOR CONTROL BOARDS: With our line of control boards, specifically designed for the Correctional Security Integrator, we've made installation and maintenance as easy as can be. Heavy duty components, most of them plug in for easy replacement, removable wiring terminals, aluminum mounting sub-plates and Telco & Ribbon Cable interconnectivity, make these boards highly customizable and perfect for your customers unique application.
BREAKOUT BOARDS: Our specialty breakout boards are designed to make your installation smooth and simple. Virtually any type of device or component can be interfaced together via these various screw terminal breakout boards.  Heavy duty components and other standard features noted above also highlight the durability of these boards.  Most boards are attached to snap track for mounting.
UTILITY BOARDS: Our various utility boards round out our Correctional Security product line giving you all the pieces of the puzzle necessary in building the complete custom Correctional Security Facility management system.  Again for easy mounting most of these boards also use snap track.
CUSTOM DESIGNS: If none of our standard interface boards listed above fulfills your requirement, ask us about designing a custom board exclusively for your project.  We are extremely expert at designing specialized boards to interface PLCs with existing Input/Output systems or to solve other interface problems.
 Frequently our custom designs have been used to enable upgrades of existing systems that could not have been funded or undertaken by the end user due to the expense of replacing all of the equipment.  Our designs have allowed some of the existing equipment to remain in place and the upgrade consisted of new PLCs or control/display consoles.
 Additionally, custom-designed boards have often been used to lower the cost of the most expensive part of many projects, which is pulling new cables and making the wiring interconnections between various parts of the system.
 We are able to manufacture small orders of custom boards with a short turn-around time and on short notice at a reasonable cost.  We also have the ability to manufacture large or recurring orders of OEM boards.
All of our boards make your system integration simple, easy and cost effective, and in many cases can eliminate the need for costly PLCs.

Text Box: Custom Solution Works
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